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St. Louis Blues have never won the Stanley cup, but they do play in the playoffs quite often, as they have only missed it three times in the last decade. This past year 2017/18 was one of those missed years.
The St. Louis Blues moved fast and made some furious moves when free agency began. They snatched up several players and made one blockbuster trade. What might surprise some in the transaction is that when the money is all settled, St. Louis actually comes out ahead in the transaction. A $7.5-million salary for O’Reilly is lots, but in the deal the Blues also off-loaded Berglund’s $3.85 million cap hit (which carries through to the 2021-22 season), Sobotka’s $3.5 million cap hit for the next two seasons and Thompson’s $925,000. Overall, that’s $8.275 million heading to Buffalo. The St. Louis Blues have signed winger Patrick Maroon to a one-year contract worth $1.75 million. Maroon has spent some time on Connor McDavid’s line which gave him a valuable experience and can hopefully bring it to the Blues. Schmaltz is the only Blues player left without a contract. This is only a big deal since, training camp is about a week away. It also feels like a big deal because the team has claimed they have every intention of bringing Schmaltz back.
Since last season, the team has upgraded its offense, already had a solid defense. Now, what they didn’t do much with is their goaltending. Allen, once considered the franchise goalie, has now struggled for more than a full season. He still has lots left on the contract, so it will be interesting to see what happens if he doesn’t perform during the 2018/19 season. Allen has said that he has changed some of his training methods this summer and hopes to come into camp and prove that he is the starting goaltender. Hopefully he can because the team lost backup goalie, Hutton to the Buffalo Sabres in the offseason and replaced him with Johnson, who struggled in Buffalo.
This was an off season for the St. Louis Blues, although, many believe it wasn’t the players not performing well, but a huge factor could have been all of the injury’s during the season. Bouwmeester only played 35 games this season. Joel Edmundson missed 14 games this year. Carl Gunnarsson was out for the stretch run, leaving the Blues to bring up Jordan Schmaltz, who then was injured himself. By the end of the season, the Blues were without defensemen Jay Bouwmeester and Carl Gunnarsson and forward Scottie Upshall. With these players coming back into the lineup it might be a different season outcome, that’s if it’s not a repeat of last season injury wise.
What people have seen after this season is that this team is in a position where the loss of one player can completely wreck an entire month or two of play. For example, when Joel Edmundson was injured he was out from February 8th through March 15th. In that time frame the Blues went on a seven-game stretch of losing. Which isn’t ok, one player shouldn’t cause that much damage when missing from the lineup.

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